Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tickets NOW on Sale for "The Shushybye Musical"

Hello Shushybye Fans!!!!


How Many Tickets Would You Like?
Which Performance on Saturday December 4th?

"THE SHUSHYBYE MUSICAL" LIVE HOLIDAY CONCERT starring Michael North and the Dreamsterette Singers and featuring appearances by The Shushybye Dream Band, SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ and the all-new Dreamsters PJ THE DJ, STARBRIGHT, SNORE and CAPTAIN JOHN YAWN. Plus a special appearance by Santa!

Saturday December 4, 2010

Odyssey Theatre
2055 So. Sepulveda Boulevard
West Los Angeles, CA 90025

$15 per person (all ages)
Two Performances: 11:00am and 12:30pm

Please specify 11am or 12:30pm performance with your order
Tickets will be emailed and regular mailed.

Questions? Please call toll-free 1-866-Shushybye (1-866-748-7492)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Here It Is - Our Annual L.A.Holiday Concert Gala!

Dear Dreamster Fans,

Mark it on your calendars!

The fun-filled annual Shushybye holiday extravaganza is coming to town Saturday December 4, 2010 for two wondrous concert performances (11am and 12:30PM) at the Odyssey Theatre in West Los Angeles (2055 So. Sepulveda).

Of course, the incredible Michael North (backed by all-new Dreamster back-up harmony singers) will be on hand, along with everyone's favorite Shushies SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ...Plus, our audiences will be the very first to meet PJ THE DJ, STARBRIGHT and SNORE!!

Once the Shushies get a bit older and decide they want to make dream-making their livlihood they become Dreamsters and make dreams at THE DREAMERY, which is very much like a movie studio (only its located high above the clouds in Nap Valley, Shushybye).

Michael, the Shushies and the Dreamsters will be performing your favorite Shushybye hits - plus all-new songs from THE DREAMERY.

But wait - there's more! Santa has officially placed both our concerts on his very tight calendar - so he'll be making a special dancing and singing appearance along with the Shushies and Dreamsters!

The Odyssey Theatre itself is intimate, giving children a chance to get up close with SNOOZLES, DOZIE, ZEEZ, PJ, STARBRIGHT and SNORE - but it does mean that seating is limited...So get your family's tickets right away!

Tickets are $15 dollars per person and available from Shushybye headquarters - we invite you to call toll-free 1-866-shushybye (1-866-748-7492) Monday-Friday 9-5 west coast time for your tickets. (Visa and Mastercard accepted).

We are all excited to see our wondrous fans for what is certain to be a memorable music and joy-filled holiday event for all.

Shushybye & Goodnight!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome to THE DREAMERY!

Welcome to the wondrous world of THE DREAMERY! Located high in the clouds, it is here at the Dreamery where Dreamsters make dreams for preschoolers everywhere! The Dreamery resembles a movie studio with lots of soundstages and departments for Dream-Designing, Props, Wardrobe and Hair & Make Up. My own personal favorite is (of course) the Music Department, where songs are written and recorded as the soundtrack for children's dreams. Many of the songs are performed by Michael North and The Dreamsters Band, while others are recorded by such popular Dreamery artists as Doo-Wop group The Sleeptones, big band jazz singer and dancer Fred Asleep and blues artist Bay B. King.
We're excited to share that many of the celebrated recording artists also perform Dreamery songs - such as awesome rock 'n roller Brian Setzer who delivers rousing lead vocals on The Dreamery Theme Song (and lays down some of the most incredible rhythm and lead guitar you've ever heard!!). Co-written by Dreamery creator Steve Syatt and Brian Setzer, The Dreamery Theme Song will make its debut very shortly on the Shushybye Facebook Page (we invite you to check the page out!).
Three of The Dreamery's star dream-making Dreamsters are PJ THE DJ, STARBRIGHT and SNORE (pictured above). When the Dreamsters are done producing their dreams (based on Dream Wishes from children), the Dream Reels are loaded up onto the mighty Dream Ship commanded by Captain John Yawn. A large Dreamster with a flowing red beard, Captain Yawn loves to sing his very own theme song as he travels the stars to bring dreams to sleeping children. (We'll be debuting the theme song on our Shushybye Facebook page soon!).
Before he begins his dream-making shift at The Dreamery, PJ THE DJ is morning on-air personality for radio station MOON-FM (which is the Dreamsters' favorite radio station). PJ spins all the top hits, and even has in-studio celebrity guests, such as Captain John Yawn and Wendy Winks who, along with her large family (the 40 Winks) run the Dreamery Library. Then there's STARBRIGHT, a sweet and caring Dreamster who enjoys handing out flowers to everyone she meets. She also says 'groovy' alot. We're also pleased to introduce you to SNORE, the deeply intellectual, hip bongo-playing Dreamster who always speaks in beat poetry, accentuates his comments with taps on his ever-present bongos - and calls everyone "Daddy-O."
The Dreamsters will be starring in an all-new globally-televised TV show that will be having sneak previews later this year on Comcast Video On Demand, as well as lots of exclusive bring -'em-home DVD's - from live concerts featuring Michael North and The Dreamsters Band to a collection of educational DVD releases entitled 'Dreamery School.' There will even be Dreamster fitness DVD's for preschoolers featuring America's Personal Trainer, the one and only Tony Little!!
Music plays a huge role in The Dreamery - and we're especially excited to be touring Michael North and the Dreamster Band throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.
So, as all the Dreamsters say at The Dreamery...DREAM ON!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Dreamin' To Winter Dreamin'

Dear Shushy Fans,

Michael, the band, the Shushies and I have had such an awesome time performing our Shushybye Dream Band concerts in Washington DC, Philadelphia, NYC, Chicago and Albany as part of our Summer Dreamin Tour that I can hardly find the words to express our joy!

Now, we set our sights on the holiday season!

Our live tour manager John Waldman of Great Knight Productions ( is busy with final preparations - and we look forward to announcing Winter Dreamin' 2010 in just a matter of a few weeks.

A few thanks are in order...

Kenny Curtis, morning personality on SIRIUS/XM Radio's KIDS PLACE LIVE (pictured above with yours truly) did a wondrous job serving as emcee for our concerts in Washington DC at Jammin' Java and Chicago at A Taste of Chicago - and we look forward to coralling him for our holiday concerts, if we can. Then there are the many fine folks from each of the venues and events that made our time in each city a most memorable one (and helped to make each performance flawless and fun - even my rhythm guitar playing sounded pretty good!).

I also want to extend my thanks to our amazing musicians (keyboardist Michiko, electric bassist Pee Wee, lead guitarist Steve and master of the drums Glenn), our talented Shushy dancers and, of course, the best singer in children's music, Michael North.

But most of all, our thanks goes to the many Shushy families that came out to join us. It was especially fun meeting with fans that have been corresponding with us through the months.

In other Shushy music news, a major globally-renowned rock star has just finished recording the theme song to our all-new half-hour series, which we are excited to formally announce shortly. I had the great pleasure of co-writing the song with this extraordinary artist - and we'll be sharing all the specifics with our Shushy fans very soon. Several major rock stars will be joining Michael to perform our new Shushy songs for the show!

In September, three new Shushies will be making their debut on our website - PJ the DJ (the morning personality on Shushybye's #1 radio station, MOON-FM); Starbright (a highly creative dream-maker who also volunteers her time at the Shushybye Hospital as a candystriper) and Snore (a bongo-playing poet).

They all look forward to meeting you.

Finally, Shushybye will be celebrating Christmas in August as we give away 50 copies of our holiday storybook/audio CD "Shushybye: Where Is Christmas" to our Shushy fans - details coming up at the start of the month.

Shushybye and Goodnight!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Memorable Concerts Wondrous fans!

Dear Shushy Fans,

I wanted to take this moment to express our heartiest appreciation to the many families that joined with us for the opening concerts of the Shushybye Dream Band's Summer Dreanin' 2010 Tour in Washington DC and the Bronx Zoo.

Michael, the band, the Shushies and I had a memorable time with all of the awesome families that came out for our concerts at Jammin' Java in Washington DC and at the Bronx Zoo (where one gracious family drove all the way from Boston and another from Connecticut!).

Jammin' Java is such a perfect venue for all ages, and the staff is ultra kind - it's no wonder why this landmark music destination keeps garnering rave reviews and awards for excellence each year. The full Shushybye band was on hand for the concert, along with KIDS PLACE LIVE morning personality Kenny Curtis who emcee'd the show (and brought along his wicked brand of humor). For the first time in concert, magnificent Michael North started what is sure to be a concert trend: At the close of The Shushybye Theme Song, Michael had all us musicians stop playing - and had the audience singing the "Oh My My Shushybye" chorus acapella...then he brought back the band to play along while the audience sand for a rousing close. As the songwriter (and the band's rhythm guitar player), it was amazing for me to watch as this all unfolded - I wish I had the words!

At the Bronx Zoo, it was Michael, the Shushies, lead guitarist extraordinaire Steve Gregory and me (on rhythm guitar) performing two shows. But the stars really were the audience members - children and adults alike! Both performances brought Shushy fans of all ages, with many of the little ones bringing along their Shushybye dolls. As in Washington DC, many of the audience members sang along with Michael and the music moved virtually all of the children to get up and boogie. By the way, if you've never been to the Bronx Zoo, may I recommend this is something you have to do - it is mindbogglingly beautiful. To play at this very special venue is something we will always remember. Finally, our heartfelt thanks also goes to the Zoo's terrific staff whose work ensured smooth productions every step of the way.

Now its on to Philadelphia for the World Cafe on Saturday June 19 (make sure you grab advance tickets!) then to Chicago for A Taste of Chicago on June 25 and 26 (one show each day).

I'm pleased to share that our awe-inspiring tour manager John Waldman of Great Knight Productions ( added our newest concert event for the Summer Dreamin' Tour - the very cool GE Kids Day in Albany taking place on Sunday July 18 (The Shushybye Dream Band will be the featured children's act!).

Shushybye and Goodnight!


Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Dreamin' 2010 Launches!

Dear Shushy Fans,

In just a few days, The Shushybyes (aka The Shushybye Dream Band) Summer Dreamin' 2010 tour debuts in Washington DC at Jammin' Java on Saturday June 12. The live concert at Jammin' Java features Shushybye singer Michael North, Shushies SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ and the full live band. Tickets are available directly from the Jammin' Java box office.

On the day before, the incredible Michael North makes a guest appearance on Friday June 11 on the Kenny Curtis Morning Zoo show on KIDS PLACE LIVE (Sirius/XM Radio). Michael and Kenny will be talking about the latest goings-on in the world of Shushybye, the first multi-city tour of the Shushybye Dream Band, and Kenny will offer up some of the band's most popular songs. Michael will also be interviewed by radio stations serving the Washington DC communities.

Then it's on to the Big Apple on June Sunday 13 , when Michael, Shushies SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ, The Shushybye's lead guitarist Steve Gregory and I (playing rhythm guitar) perform two concerts at the famed Bronx Zoo. General admission to the zoo is all that's required for the Shushybye concert.

We all head back home to Los Angeles following our concerts at the Bronx Zoo - but then fly back east to perform in Philadelphia on Saturday June 19 at World Cafe. Our Phillie fans will also have the chance to catch the entire band - Michael, everyone's favorite Shushies and the full Shushybye Dream Band will be on stage at this prestigious venue. Michael has been invited by WCAU-TV to guest on this great television station's morning show on Friday morning June 18 - so if you reside in Philadelphia , we hope you tune in to watch Michael (he'll be performing "Shushybye Blues" live on the air!). Tickets for The Shushybye's at World Cafe can be purchased from the venue's box office.

The June leg of the Shushybyes Summer Dreamin' Tour wraps up in Chicago on June 25 and 26, when the band perform as the featured children's act at the renowned Taste of Chicago. Once again, the full band will be on hand for this exciting event. Our two concerts (one each on Friday and Saturday) are all part of the "Taste" festival - so we hope our Chi-Town fans will come out in force.

Speaking of fans, we're proud to welcome to the wondrous world of Shushybye one of our newest honorary Shushies who graces the top of this page (along with her newest Shushy friends).

The Shushybyes Summer Dreamin' Tour will continue with concerts in July and August - stand by for details!!

Shushybye and Goodnight!


Monday, April 26, 2010

And Now The News!

Dear Shushy Fans,

There are lots of exciting developments here in the Land of Shushybye and I look forward to sharing them all with you. We’ve set a date of Friday May 7 to unveil the latest Shushy happenings on the Shushybye Facebook page.

While I am going to do my very best keeping everything secret until May 7 (and I can assure you, that’s not easy for me to do!) what I would like to share for now is this one Very Important Fact:

All of the great things happening with Shushybye are a direct result from your support and encouragement. You probably hear lots of entertainment companies say ‘we have the greatest fans.’ Well, in our case – we really do! The emails and calls that come into our office are incredibly kind and thoughtful and our daily correspondence with Shushy moms, dads, grandparents and, of course, children makes us feel like we’re one big Shushy family.

So, although I’ll be keeping mum on the news until May 7 (or will at least try my best), please take note that the real story behind the news – is you.

Shushybye and Goodnight!