Saturday, February 13, 2010

Philly On Our Mind!

Dear Shushy Fans,

Joltin' John Waldman (head of Great Knight Productions, the music tour management company for The Shushybyes) has finalized Philadelphia for The Shushybyes Summer Dreamin' 2010 concert tour...and not just any venue in the great city of brotherly love -- but the one and only World Cafe! The date is Saturday June 19. We've got lots of wondrous fans in Philly, and Michael, Snoozles, Dozie, Zeez and I are anxious to meet many of you at this wondrous music performance landmark.

With more on the way, The Shushybyes featuring Michael North are set to perform in four great cities: The Summer Dreamin' tour launches in Washington DC on June 12 at Jammin' Java...then moves to NYC Sunday June 13 at the Bronx Zoo...and heads to Philadelphia Saturday June 19 at the World Cafe. Our fourth city? Why, Los Angeles, our home base of course! The Shushybyes will be making the band's triumphant return to the majestic Geffen Theater to cap off the tour.

We'll soon be announcing additional cities and venues - is your city among them? email us at and we'll let you know!!

Before signing off, I happened on You Tube and found the following videos placed by several wondrous Shushy families.

To the kind families behind these precious videos: thank you so much for taking the time to make and place them on You Tube!

(This is what it's all about).

Shushybye and Goodnight!


Monday, February 8, 2010

We're Headin To...The Bronx Zoo!!

Dear Shushy Fans,

The Shushybyes Summer Dreamin’ 2010 Tour Rolls On…

From the concert tour’s kick-off performance at the awesome JAMMIN’ JAVA in Washington DC on Saturday June 12, our esteemed singer Michael North and equally esteemed Shushies SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ travel northbound to NYC to take over the Main Stage at the spectacular BRONX ZOO for two concerts on Sunday June 13.

JAMMIN’ JAVA has just rolled up their online box office window as tickets are now available by clicking on Tickets are only 8 dollars per person (1-year-old and above).

We’ve already been hearing from Shushy fans throughout the DC region – and look forward to meeting you all at JAMMIN' JAVA...We are also excited to announce the second leg of our SHUSHYBYES Summer Dreamin 2010 Tour at the famed Bronx Zoo.

One of the newest Shushybye songs which we’ll soon be introducing on all-new episodes of our TV show (soon to go into production) is entitled “Welcome to The Shushybye Zoo.” In honor of the Bronx Zoo, we’ll be changing the lyrics to “Welcome to The Bronx Zoo” when we perform it live!

Bronx Zoo officials tell us the Zoo attracts over 800,000 visitors from April through June – and a whopping 250,000 total weekend guests...I hope your family will be among this prestigious audience when The Shushybyes perform.

More venues are on the way - and I look forward to sharing them with you as soon as possible.

Shushybye and Goodnight!