Monday, June 14, 2010

Memorable Concerts Wondrous fans!

Dear Shushy Fans,

I wanted to take this moment to express our heartiest appreciation to the many families that joined with us for the opening concerts of the Shushybye Dream Band's Summer Dreanin' 2010 Tour in Washington DC and the Bronx Zoo.

Michael, the band, the Shushies and I had a memorable time with all of the awesome families that came out for our concerts at Jammin' Java in Washington DC and at the Bronx Zoo (where one gracious family drove all the way from Boston and another from Connecticut!).

Jammin' Java is such a perfect venue for all ages, and the staff is ultra kind - it's no wonder why this landmark music destination keeps garnering rave reviews and awards for excellence each year. The full Shushybye band was on hand for the concert, along with KIDS PLACE LIVE morning personality Kenny Curtis who emcee'd the show (and brought along his wicked brand of humor). For the first time in concert, magnificent Michael North started what is sure to be a concert trend: At the close of The Shushybye Theme Song, Michael had all us musicians stop playing - and had the audience singing the "Oh My My Shushybye" chorus acapella...then he brought back the band to play along while the audience sand for a rousing close. As the songwriter (and the band's rhythm guitar player), it was amazing for me to watch as this all unfolded - I wish I had the words!

At the Bronx Zoo, it was Michael, the Shushies, lead guitarist extraordinaire Steve Gregory and me (on rhythm guitar) performing two shows. But the stars really were the audience members - children and adults alike! Both performances brought Shushy fans of all ages, with many of the little ones bringing along their Shushybye dolls. As in Washington DC, many of the audience members sang along with Michael and the music moved virtually all of the children to get up and boogie. By the way, if you've never been to the Bronx Zoo, may I recommend this is something you have to do - it is mindbogglingly beautiful. To play at this very special venue is something we will always remember. Finally, our heartfelt thanks also goes to the Zoo's terrific staff whose work ensured smooth productions every step of the way.

Now its on to Philadelphia for the World Cafe on Saturday June 19 (make sure you grab advance tickets!) then to Chicago for A Taste of Chicago on June 25 and 26 (one show each day).

I'm pleased to share that our awe-inspiring tour manager John Waldman of Great Knight Productions ( added our newest concert event for the Summer Dreamin' Tour - the very cool GE Kids Day in Albany taking place on Sunday July 18 (The Shushybye Dream Band will be the featured children's act!).

Shushybye and Goodnight!