Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Child, Me And BabyFirstTV!

Dear Shushy Fans,

This just in! Summit Entertainment, the ultra-cool distributor of the BabyFirstTV DVD line - which includes SHUSHYBYE BABY - has placed our esteemed release onto ( We thank the good folks at Summit (which, by the way, is the studio behind the mega box office blockbuster 'Twilight'), BabyFirstTV, WalMart and - you! (for purchasing SHUSHYBYE BABY via!).

Just type in 'Shushybye' on the search line when you visit and SHUSHYBYE BABY the DVD will soon be on its way to your family. Featuring 7 complete episodes plus three bonus music videos (for a total of 17 original Shushy songs, plus the colorful bedtime stories and Shushybye & Goodnight and Dream Wish features), SHUSHYBYE BABY is the ultimate solution for families who want to take the hit BabyFirstTV televison show with them wherever they go!

And now, the news....

Later this month, BabyFirstTV – the global television home of our baby and toddler TV show SHUSHYBYE BABY – will debut their official channel song in a specially-produced on-air promo that is truly adorable. The music and lyrics for the song, a sort of country-rock tune called ‘My Child, Me and BabyFirstTV, was composed by…me! And singing the song, which will make its debut on BabyFirstTV at the end of January, is none other than the incredibly talented lead singer of the Shushybye Dream Band, Michael North.

Writing this song was very much like writing the Shushybye songs – a true labor of love. BabyFirstTV is an extraordinary channel that is making a real positive difference in the lives of young families across the US and in countries throughout the world.

Everyone at Shushybye feels it every single day when we receive emails, letters and calls from BabyFirst parents and grandparents living in the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, France, Spain, Turkey, and so many other countries who take the time to share their family’s loving and warm experiences watching SHUSHYBYE BABY as well as other high quality BabyFirst child development shows together with their babies and toddlers.

I look forward to your hearing the channel song, watching the promo and letting me know your thoughts – I hope you like it!

My thanks to the BabyFirstTV family for allowing Michael and me the opportunity to join with you in furthering the cause of quality television for babies, toddlers and their loving families!

While on the subject of quality…our high-quality (and highly colorful) 16” SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ Shushy dolls are on schedule for delivery in March. Pre-orders are coming in daily, so we invite you to call us at the Shushybye Shoppe to insure delivery of your family’s Shushybye dolls!! Pre-ordering is as simple as dialing a toll-free phone number (which in this case is 1-866-748-7492) or emailing us at with your name and daytime phone number. It's as easy as that!

The Shushybye Shoppe is also the only place anywhere you can purchase the second Shushybye Dream Band music CD, CLOSE YOUR EYES. The CD contains ‘Feels Like Magic,’ ‘Shushybye Blues,’ ‘It’s Evening,’ ‘Pillow Park Rock,’ ‘Shushybye Boogie Tonight,’ ‘Send Your Dream Wish,’ ‘Who’s Makin’ Dreams,’ ‘Beyond the Stars and Past the Moon,’ Close Your Eyes’ and more. I’m so proud of these songs, and thrilled to have them brought to life by Michael North and our talented group of world-class musicians.

Shushybye & Goodnight!